Here are some quick answers to help you answer some of your burning questions. We aim to respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours.

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the water in the bathrooms and kitchen sinks comes from Pimisi Bay. It is not potable and we ask that you do not drink it. We provide jugs of potable water in each dome and cabin and are happy to refill them if you run low.
The area between the signs indicating which direction the campsites/domes are and the point are free to explore. The area near the driveway (including the chicken coop) is our private area where our dogs are allowed to play. We ask that you do not enter our house/chicken coop/driveway area without permission and supervision

Yes, we have two dogs, one cat, and upwards of 80 chickens. We ask that you leave the animals alone and do not approach them unless you are supervised by Abi or Ian.

We currently have a selection of canoes and paddles that are “use at your own risk” and we ask that you bring your own life jackets. We hope to purchase and have more watercraft available in the coming years
No it is not. If you go into or near the water you do so at your own risk. We will not be able to provide lifeguards.
Check in is anytime after 1pm and check out is by 11am. If you have an exceptional request for check-in or check-out times please speak with Abi and she will do what she can to accommodate you.
Absolutely! Please reach out to Abi to discuss what kind of event you are hoping to plan and what services you will require. Please also check out our Events page for further information.
We hope to open Otterly Delicious, a dedicated peanut/nut-free bakery by 2025. Feel free to contact Abi if you have questions or baking requests in advance of this date.
We do! We have a $50/ day pet fee. All animals must be caged or on a leash if not in a dome/cabin/out on the water. If you pet damages anything, you are responsible for paying for the damage. Make sure you clean up after your pet goes to the bathroom as neglecting to do so will result in being asked to leave our resort.
Tell Abi immediately. If something breaks through wear and tear we will aim to replace it ASAP. If you break something you may be required to pay for its replacement or repair (this is solely up to Abi’s discretion and is directly impacted by how quickly you inform her of the damage).
We ask that you don’t play music loud enough for other guests to hear. We aim to provide a relaxing and quiet environment for everyone to enjoy.

Booking Questions

Contact Abi at with your booking details and we can change it for you. If you are hoping to purchase an add-on you did not select at checkout, Abi can also accommodate adding that to your booking with payment via e-transfer or cash upon arrival. 

Contact Abi via email at with your cancellation request and we can cancel the booking for you. 

You will automatically receive a confirmation email when you place a booking saying that it is pending. We aim to confirm your booking in our system within 24 hours, at which point you will receive an email from us with your onfirmation status. Feel free to reach out any time with questions.

If you opt to “Create an Account” when you checkout, you can login to your account anytime to see all of your bookings. If you do not create an account, you can still reference your confirmation email or reach out to us anytime with questions.

You are charged when you reserve the room. We charge a $100 security deposit which will be refunded within a week after you check-out as long as no damage has been caused during your stay.

Help on your reservations

We will always reach out to you via email before we cancel a reservation. This is unlikely to happen unless there is a reason you would be aware of (such as causing damage last time you stayed with us).

Abi will reach out to you if she finds anything left behind during your stay. We can hold the item(s) for you until you are able to pick it/them up.

You can forward your confirmation email to other members of your group. If you have a special request, you can always reach out to Abi and she will do what she can to assist you.