As per the Otter Pointe Liability Waiver, please find herein the Otter Pointe Policies and Rules which you agree to follow. By agreeing, you understand that all members of your party are agreeing (including minors) or you are agreeing to enforce these policies:
Many questions can be answered by texting the property manager (Abi) at 289 241 2573. Do not hesitate to reach out to her by text – it is her job to answer your questions as soon as possible.

1) Do not drink the water (shower or sink). It is unfiltered lake water

2) Please only use your designated washroom, and please do not flush anything except waste and toilet paper down the toilet, as we are on septic.

3) Careful of the floor; it can be slippery when wet!

4) Be careful of ice. The resort is not always maintained with salt or sand, so use caution when walking outside.

5) The property manager will do their best to provide you with bathroom supplies as needed; just let her know!

1) Do not drink the sink water, it is unfiltered lake water. If you run out of drinking water from the water jug, notify the property manager.

2) If you require extra blankets, pillows, linens, or anything else you might need, advise the property manager.

3) You may adjust the temperature as required, but do not create a fire hazard by overheating or by placing items in front of the heating units.

4) The floors can be slippery or uneven. The fireplace can become extremely hot, and you can burn yourself easily, even by touching the outside.

5) Please ensure you use furniture or items only as they are designed to be used, and apply common sense!

6) No smoking in the units of any kind, please

7) The windows/walls can be susceptible to puncture by sharp objects. Please be careful!

8) Use caution when using the fireplace; they are not toys! You may use the fireplace in your unit, but only if:
a. There is no sign on the fireplace indicating to not use the fireplace
b. The wood and kindling are procured either from the property manager or from wood lying on the ground

c. Do not leave the fireplace unattended if the door to the fireplace is open
d. Under no circumstances should bark (birchbark) be ripped off living trees to kindle fires
e. No gasoline or other flammable liquid shall be used to start fires
f. Nothing shall be burned except for unmilled/unpainted wood, leaves, twigs, sticks, pine needles and bark (do not burn tin foil or other garbage, including cardboard, please)
g. Caution shall be observed when using a fire, without tomfoolery. Do not allow hot material to exit the fireplace! If anything goes wrong, notify the authorities and property manager immediately and as required.
h. Do not place any items near enough to the fireplace or chimney to cause a fire hazard. Keep things away from the fireplace!
i. You may not start fires in any other place besides your fireplace or a designated firepit approved in advance by the property manager


1) There is no first aid kit/medical supplies on site. There are no trained personnel on-site to handle medical situations. Call the authorities if you are in medical distress; the address of Otter Pointe is 8863 Hwy 17 E, Rutherglen, Ontario, P0H 2E0. This applies to any emergency requiring an emergency service.

2) You may swim and use the canoes at Otter Pointe, but only if you understand:
a. There is no lifeguard, and the waterfront is not supervised or maintained
b. The water has rocks close to the surface in some areas, other boats use the water, including motorboats, and there is aquatic life, such as mussels and snails, which can cause lacerations if stepped on.
c. There are no safety kits or lifejackets on site for you to use. You would have to provide your own if you wished to canoe.
d. You can use the canoes and paddles provided; please return them in the condition you found them.
e. Drowning is a common cause of death. You understand that by going into or beside the water, you are accepting the risk of drowning.
f. The lake water can be cold enough to cause hypothermia
g. if you jump or dive into the water, rocks could cause injury or death

3) Ice fishing/travelling/activities on the ice of Pimisi Bay may be a desired pastime. However, you understand that:
a. There is a dam upstream, and this can affect ice thickness
b. You are completely responsible for your own safety and gauging for yourself if the ice is safe
to travel upon
c. Falling through the ice could be fatal


1) Do not litter or pollute in any way.

2) Please remain in the designated guest area, and please do not enter buildings/washrooms that are not assigned to you.

3) There are two dogs on site, Archie (a Corgi) and Grey (a Belgian Shepherd). There is a cat on site, Darwin (Maine Coon). There are chickens which free-range on site. Please avoid the dogs and do not antagonize any animals. Do not let your animals interact with these animals. The dogs are kept in an electric fence but sometimes run through the fence. Notify the property manager if they are bothering you.

4) If you have pets, ensure you pick up after them and do not let them interfere in any way with other campers.

5) There is no smoking permitted or recreational drug use.

6) Do not disturb the wildlife in general; they are residents of the property as well! Biting insects don’t count.

7) No weapons or chainsaws, please.

8) Use caution when driving around the resort as there may be other guests who are difficult to see (including children, pets and other animals).

9) Please stay within the boundaries of the resort (there are private properties nearby). If you have questions about where to go, consult the interactive map or ask the property manager.

10) In general, be considerate of others and follow the directions of the Property Manager, whose role is to ensure every guest has a pleasant stay. You may be asked to depart the resort if you do not follow her directions.


If you cancel a booking for any reason, you forfeit your $100 security deposit. If you cancel with 14 days’ notice or less, we reserve the right to retain 50% of your booking payment. If you cancel 7 days or less before your check-in date, we reserve the right to retain 100% of your payment. Please speak with Abi if you need to cancel a reservation, as she may be able to move your booking to new dates.